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  4. At one point, White House counsel Pat Cipollone approached the group — which at that point consisted of McConnell, Cornyn, Alexander and Tom Cotton — and began talking with them. Cipollone later wandered around the chamber, shaking hands with and saying hello to various members as he went.

  5. After the proceedings reconvened, senators took their seats. While McConnell sat straight back in his chair, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer slouched in his, at some points leaning his head into his hand. As House managers Adam Schiff and then Zoe Lofgren spoke, it was mostly quiet in the chamber apart from the rustling of papers as senators flipped through binders or took notes. Sen. Ted Cruz held what appeared to be a yellow highlighter in his mouth as he flipped through documents on his desk, then used the highlighter to make annotations.

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