On Baltimore, Judgement & Compassion

I have heard many MANY people on various social media platforms, blogs & posts from their living room couches & office desks castigate & pass judgement on those who “resorted to violence” during the protests in Baltimore this week and different post variations of the following:

  1. These protests don’t do anything

  2. The violence we have seen in these protests “muddles the issues”

  3. Why don’t the issues also effecting the Baltimore community get addresses as much as police violence.

I’m sick of arguing with people – so I thought I would just write out my thoughts & point people here when they decide to come at me or make some ignorant post on these issues.

Regarding “Complaint” #1 – “These protests don’t do anything”

Protest/Civil Disobedience is ONE part of the equation in the fight for freedom and equality. It puts PRESSURE on those in power to FORCE them to come to the table. The other half requires educated* leaders who are READY with community driven demands and solutions. One cannot work without the other. With no pressure on the streets – those in power have no reason to address our issues. With no one ready to push those in power in the direction that benefits the community – the protests are in vain.

*By educated I mean educated about both the community, the issues they face & the powers they fight against. Your degrees have no bearing on your effectiveness in this fight.

Regarding Complaint” #2 – “The violence we have seen in these protests “muddles the issues”:

Over 2,000 people took to the streets of Baltimore on Saturday to stand up and demand answers and justice for the MURDER of one of their own. There have been protests ALL WEEK in Baltimore without incident and Saturday was no different until… the protests entered White populated areas where the protesters were screamed at with insults, called Niggers, spit on and attacked by drunken white people trying to “enjoy the game”. Then you see ISOLATED incidents of violence. It’s not EASY to stand in front of hatred and keep your cool. It’s not easy to stand while privileged people make clear that your life means nothing to them. It’s not easy to be spat on and stay calm. It’s not easy to look into the eyes of the embodiment of your oppressor and not react.

The MSM will ALWAYS push the narrative of BAD BLACKS & WHITE VICTIMS because it sells, because it panders to the apathy we see White American have as we are killed by the state with impunity. We have been fed a steady diet of this MSM narrative since birth & it has only gotten worse since the start of the BLM movement. We can choose to buy into their bought & paid for corporate narrative that protests do nothing & are violent by nature OR we can take a step back and look at what is REALLY going on in all of these situations.

If a few broken windows & trampled cars “muddles the issue” of 6 grown & armed police officers beating a 120 lb 25-yr old to DEATH – then please have a MILLION seats and stay FAR away from me. If a few broken windows & property damage “muddles the issue” and makes YOU think that our cause is not righteous – then you were NEVER here for the movement in the first place.

I have been accused of not being “real” because I refuse to pass judgement on those who turn to violence out of pain & anger. I’ll tell you why I won’t do that – because when white people turn to violence out of the joy of winning a championship or out of the sadness of defeat in a tournament – no one judges them. My black brothers & sisters deserve more of my compassion and more of ALL of our compassion than drunken revelers.

Regarding Complaint #3 – ”Why don’t the issues also effecting the Baltimore community get addresses as much as police violence.”

It’s is incorrect to think that while people are protesting police violence there isn’t A LOT of work being done to address the many issues that plague the black community. In Baltimore specifically I witnessed SO many organizations doing amazing work to feed people, create jobs, educate people & bring the community together.

It should also be noted that when a city has no funding at all for education pays out $6.3 MILLION since 2011 to settle police-misconduct claims, addressing the police brutality issue allows LOTS of other issues to be addressed.

Finally – as you continue to pass judgement from your home – please pass on the links below to just SOME of the organizations doing work in Baltimore:

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