Ferguson Response Network Podcast #2 – Movement Wish List

@LeslieMac is joined by guests Angel Carter, Juliette Iacovino  & Ricky L Hinds II from @AUADOTORG. We discuss the MofA Die-in, movement wide response to NYPD killings, upcoming actions, transition from protest to action, gender equality in the movement, mental health/self-care, dealing with family who “don’t get it” and more

The weekly Ferguson Response Network Podcast is devoted to supporting citizens working to create lasting social change through sustained civil disobedience and civic action.

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Episode Guests:

Ricky L. Hinds II

Angel Carter

Juliette Iacovino

Show Notes – FRN Podcast Episode 2

Opening Song

Mall of America Die-in

Movement reaction to NYPD Killings

MLK Day events – #4milemarch #reclaimtheday

#ReclaimtheDreamChallenge #RTDChallenge

Gender equality in the movement

Organization Spotlight – Operation Help or Hush

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