Ferguson Response Network Podcast Ep 23 – Tone Policing aka We have no more f*%ks to give

@LeslieMac & Ricky from @AUADOTORG are joined by @AbsurdistWords to discuss the concept of Tone Policing in the time of Black Lives Matter including Fox News labeling the movement as a “hate group”, the white reaction to #BlackFair and Miley v Nicki. Plus updates on the case against the Baltimore police officers who killed #FreddieGray and the #FightforDyett Hunger Strike in Chicago.

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Ricky L. Hinds II

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Absurdist Words


Show Notes – FRN Podcast Episode 23

Opening Song

Nikki vs Miley/Taylor

BLM as a Hate Group/Gaslighting

Defending the Movement (or not)

Absurdist Words – How to Discuss Race With Black People FAQ

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