Ferguson Response Network Podcast Ep 22 – Building, Healing & Accountability in the Movement

@LeslieMac & Ricky from @AUADOTORG are joined by Larry Fellows III to discuss Baltimore PD lies in action, recent arsons at Black churches, SCOTUS upholds Fair Housing Act and creating space for building, healing & accountability within the movement.

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Ricky L. Hinds II

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Larry Fellows III

FRN Podcast Ep 22 – Show Notes

Opening Song

Feds says BPD’s claim that gangs formed pact to ‘take out’ officers was ‘non-credible’

Arson Suspected at Black Churches in NC & GA

SCOTUS upholds key tool to combat housing discrimination

Black People Aren’t Making Things Up: The Science Behind “Racial Battle Fatigue”

Self Care For People of Color After Emotional and Psychological Trauma

Surviving White Terrorism: Next Steps in the Struggle for Black Lives

The Fight For The Soul of the Black Lives Matter Movement

Solutions Emerging from the Movement for Black Lives

#BlackLivesMatter: “It’s about how we are together”

Movement Lie #5: It’s Either/Or


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