FRN Must List 9/28/2015


‘Is The American Justice System Racist?’ – Shane Smith Asks President Obama

Senator Warren’s Remarks at the Edward M. Kennedy Institute for the US Senate 

What It Feels like To Go on a  Hunger Strike – NBC News – 9/19/2015

The Burning of black Wall SttreetOlivia J. Hooker, The Last surviver of the Oklahoma disaster…”The Burning of black Wall Street”

Posted by Jonathan Lewis on Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Posted by Jonathan Lewis on Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Baltimore officer said Freddie Gray asked for help – The Baltimore Sun 9/28/15

Roots and Remedia 4

Roots and Remedies 4Hey Check out’s latest video! We want to thank everyone who helped make this work possible

Posted by on Monday, September 28, 2015

Mapping Out the Incarceration of Black Males – Melissa Harris Perry Show


These kids were geniuses – they were just too poor for anyone to discover them by Jeff Guo – The Washington Post 9/22/15

Shooting of Houston Cop Was Fabricated, He Was Shot by Another Cop – Truth Voice – 9/27/15

Think Police Can’t Use Illegally Obtained Evidence Against you? Think Again. by Paul Butler – The Nation 9/24/2015

What it looks like when a bank goes out of its way to avoid minorities By Emily Badger – The Washington Post 9/25/2015

Obesity Maps Put Racial Differences On Start Display by Jane Greenhalgh – NPR 9/23/2015

What “Taking the Country back” mean for the rest of us by Derrick Lemos

Why are working class kids less likely to get elite jobs? They study too hard at college. by Henry Farrell – The Washington Post 9/23/2015

Student Leader Who Helped Elevate #IStandWithAhmed Talks Race in Irving TX by Sameer Rao – Colorlines 9/25/2015

The Sandra Bland Investigation Is In Trouble by Jason Stanford – HuffPost Politics 9/27/2015

US accepts UN advice on police violence, racism; advocates call for action by Natasja Sheriff – Aljazeera America 9/24/2015

Food Justice Voices: What Ferguson Means for the Food Justice Movement: Issue 1

Campaign Zero Aims To End Police Violence and Inform Black Millennial Voters by Kelsey Riley – Blavity 9/28/2015

American Slavery, Reinvented by Whitney Benns – The Atlantic 9/21/2015


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