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#FrozenJustice is a snow-art campaign created in Cleveland in March 2015 to remind the public that the deaths of Tanisha Anderson & Tamir Rice were ruled homicides.

Join Ferguson Response and roll out this highly visible & impactful campaign in your area.

Technical advice:


  • Athletic field paint – purchase at Home Depot (marker paint)
  • Broom to create smooth snow surface to produce art
  • Cardboard made Letter Templates & Heart/Fist Template*

*Create Stencils using cardboard & exacto knives.

  1. To get the effect as show on this page use Print Shot font “steamer” for the letters.
  2. Use 1 letter per page so they are large enough to see.
  3. Use cardboard no thinner than 1/2 inch. In between uses – store stencils flat with weights on top so they do not curl up while drying.
  4. Download the Heart/Fist template HERE

Action advice:

Action execution:

  1. Choose an area with flat snow as your canvas – or use your broom to create a flat working space.
  2. Pressing the stencil in so about 1/4 inch of snow pops up through the gaps makes the lines pop great.
  3. You have to press the stencil down lightly against the snow. If there’s a gap between the stencil and the snow, you get overspray between the letters and it looks blurry.
  4. Over spray can also be brushed away with a broom.
  5. Brush excess snow off the cardboard before you lift it away very carefully, so you don’t spill white snow on top of red snow.

Action Best Practices:

  • Target rush hour traffic by hitting the exit ramps of freeways at 7am.
  • Snow mounds near bus/train lines, public buildings such as City Hall, courthouses and police stations.
  • Small groups of painters for freeway/bus/train to avoid attention from police.
  • BIG groups for government buildings make it less likely there will be police harassment.
  • Involving art students is a great idea, and we’ve been left alone by campus police.
  • We have been advised snow art does not constitute graffiti, because it is not touching anyone’s property. (Chalk art on sidewalks is a grey area because it’s temporarily defacing the sidewalk, but snow art does not.)
  • Areas with grass under the snow are better because when it melts the color runs and may stain pavement.

Share your action

When posting photos, we’d advise against having people in the photo, or using descriptions of who actually did the painting.

We provide locations only, so that if the local PD does decide to try to write tickets, they won’t know who to send them to.

We’ve been tweeting the photos to the media outlets we trust. We always use the #FrozenJustice to help connect all the actions.

Post action images on social media using #BlackMarchMadness #FrozenJustice

In Cleveland – they have been using red because the families of Tamir and Tanisha organized a Sea of Red rally in response to the Sea of Blue nonsense. Red symbolizes the blood being spilled by police.

For more information about this action visit:

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