Chanting is an important component of any social/racial justice action. It serves to deliver a simple message from the action and unites the participants in a single activity.

Below is a list of chants that have come from Ferguson, NYC in the wake of the Mike Brown & Eric Garner murders.

#BaltimoreUprising Solidarity Chants
Chants specific to the Baltimore Uprising & Justice For Freddie Gray

All Night & All Day
We’re Doing This For Freddie Gray

Rise Up It’s Our Day
We’re Doing This For Freddie Gray

  • Call: We Marchin
  • Response: We Marchin
  • Call: To Justice
  • Response: To Justice
  • Call: For Our Sisters
  • Response: For Our Sisters
  • Call: And Our Brothers
  • Response: And Our Brothers

Single Phrase/Simple Chants
These chants are intended for the entire crowd to say in unison over & over.

  • “Black lives matter!”
  • “I Can’t Breathe!”

Complex Phrase Chants
These chants are also intended for the whole group to say, but is more complex in nature.

  • “The people United, will never be defeated”
  • “Why are you in riot gear; we don’t see no riot here!
  • “Turn up don’t turn down, we do this for Mike Brown.”
  • “Hey Hey! Ho Ho! These racist cops have got to go!”
  • “Off the sidewalks, into the streets”

Call & Response Chants
These chants are led by individuals and require the crowd to reply

  • Call: Hands up!
  • Response: DON’T SHOOT!
  • Call: No Justice!
  • Response: NO PEACE!
  • All: No Racist Police
  • Response: How many black lives will you kill?
  • Call: Michael Brown – Emmett Till
  • Response: OUR STREETS!
  • Call: Whose Streets?
  • Call: When do we want it?
  • Response: JUSTICE!
  • Call: What do we want?
  • Response: NOW!
  • Call: If We Don’t Get It
  • Response: SHUT IT DOWN
  • Call: Show Me What Democracy Looks Like!
  • Call: Show me what AMERICA Looks Like!
  • Call: They Say Get Back
  • Response: We Say FIGHT BACK
  • Call: Back Up Back Up!
  • Response: We want FREEDOM! FREEDOM!
  • Call: All these bodies in the ground?
  • Response: We don’t NEED’EM NEED’EM

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