Ferguson Response Network Podcast Episode 11 – White Supremacy – Deep Roots, Hidden Effects

@LeslieMac & Ricky from @AUADOTORG are joined by Aleia Brown to discuss the ways in which supremacy shows itself in our society. We begin with an overview of the roots of white supremacy in the “new world” including Beacon’s Rebellion, the Founding Father’s and the role of white women during slavery. Followed by modern day effects of white supremacy including mass incarceration exploitation, black exceptionalism, museums, food deserts, housing & medical treatment. Plus a spotlight on FrozenJustice in Cleveland.

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Ricky L. Hinds II

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Aleia Brown

Show Notes – FRN Podcast Episode 11

Opening Song

DOJ Report

First Slave Museum in America

Origins of White Supremacy

Founding Fathers

White Women during Slavery & Beyond

Hidden effects of White Supremacy

Industries getting rich from mass incarceration

Anti-Blackness, Black Exceptionalism & White Supremacy


Food Desserts


Inferior Medical Treatment

Organization Spotlight

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