Ferguson Response Network Podcast # 3 – Kids & Artists

Hosts @LeslieMac &  Ricky L Hinds II from @AUADOTORG are joined by Davie Celeste to discuss The New Years Revolution Pledge, Things we want left in 2014 for the movement, Analysis of proposed solutions to police violence, Child/Teen roles in the struggle, Arts & artists in the movement.

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Ricky L. Hinds II

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Davie Celeste


Show Notes – FRN Podcast Episode 3

Opening Song


Analysis of real life proposals to combat police brutality & LEO/Justice accountability

Body Cams


End Racial Profiling Act (ERPA)

Representative Police Force & Intentional Office Training


Children/Teenagers in the movement


Arts in the Movement

Artists Against Police Violence

  • http://artistsagainstpoliceviolence.tumblr.com/

Racism Insurance

Black Teen PR Firm

Patrick Campbell – New Age of Slavery

What If Your favorite TV Bad Boys Where Black? Comedy video by J-L Cauvin

  • http://jlcauvin.com/?p=6711

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