FRN Must List – May 26, 2015

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Word Warriors/Aja Monet

Is Racism Over Yet?

Feminista Jones: The Voice of Black Feminism

Must Read

Here’s What Black Lives Matter Protests Over Memorial Day Weekend Looked Like in NYC, LA, San Francisco & More

Thousands of Newark students leave school in protest, block major intersection

How Racist Housing Laws Are Keeping New Orleans white

Killer Mike Baltimore Op-Ed: ‘I’ve Watched Geraldo Rivera and Wolf Blitzer Pander to the Audiences of the Oppression’

Bail Relief Fund fo Cleveland Activists

#SayHerName Report from AAPF

7 Ways To Treat Your #ActivistBae

The Myth of the Welfare Queen: How Classism Worked Against Black Women

84 Films By & About Women of Color Courtesy of Ava Durvernay

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