FRN Must List – June 1, 2015

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Baltimore activist calls out Democratic “Leaders” on police brutality

Deray McKesson on CNN regarding threat from Chuck C Johnson

@Crissles on Micropolis: Funny or Racist addresses Sarah Silverman in Blackface – skip to 1:19 for the specific portion

Mass Incarceration: The Politics Behind the Bars
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Must Read

DOJ Report on Cleveland Police Department

Hey, White People! If You Really Want to Help End Racism, You Need to Invest in Other White People (Yeah, We Know It Sounds Counterintuitive)

Can Philly Students Convince City Official to Repeal Stop & Frisk?

The shocking truth about the two Chicago Police officer posing in this horrendous photo

The Persistent Racism of Theological Schools Part I
The Persistent Racism of Theological Schools Part II

Kentucky Organizer: Ending White Supremacy Is in Everyone’s Interest

A Theology of Liberation to Inspire White Anti-Racist Organizing

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