FRN Must List – 9-1-2015


Black man pulled over by white police officer for “making direct eye contact with him” – The David Pakman Show – 8/25/2015


29 Portraits That Prove Afropunk Is The Move Stylist Festival On Earth – Fader  by Liza Raiss – Photos by Natalie Keyssar

Meet One of the Women Who Created a Black Lives Matter Textbook for Middle Schoolers – Pacific Standard – by Francie Diep – 8/27/2015

In Chicago, hunger strikers fight for a high school – The Washington Post – by Lyndsey Layton – 8/26/2015

Black Lives Matter Calls Attention To Killed Black Trans Women on National Day of Action – BuzzFeed News – by Meredith Talusan – 8/26/2015

Ga. activists challenge Coke’s support for ‘heritage of hate’ – Waging NonViolence – by Kate Aronoff – 8/27/2015

[WDBJ TRAGEDY] Death Videos, Grief & Complicated Emotions – Ebony – by Jamilah Lemieux – 8/27/2015


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